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Applying to Ringling. Help on Portfolio for Graphics Dept. - Prospective Ringling School of Art and Design Students [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ringling Students Q&A -- Post your questions here.

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Applying to Ringling. Help on Portfolio for Graphics Dept. [Mar. 3rd, 2009|11:06 pm]
Ringling Students Q&A -- Post your questions here.
 Hey guys, I just applied for Ringling and I applied for the Graphics dept, problem is I dont really focus on drawings/painting and frankly im kinda sucky at them.


The site says I dont necessarily need drawings but Im conflicted becaz I know to give myself the best shot I need some drawings. [btw I dont live in the states so I cant attend those portfolio days  =[   ]

How hard is it to get into the graphics dept neway?

Help plz?
I could display some of my work if you guys wud like to help me

PLEASE n Thanks


Ps. How much is the tuition and fees in total this year '09-'10

[User Picture]From: mitasanstar
2009-03-04 04:16 am (UTC)
You'll only take drawing during your first year, and don't worry - most of the other graphic designers aren't very good drawers, either. The site isn't lying to you, as long as you put effort in your work, you should be ok. (:

The general consensus on Ringling is that it isn't tough to get in - it's tough to stay in. If you're not prepared to work your ass off, this isn't the school for you.

Tuition and fees are godawful and generally wind up to be about $40,000. I don't know if they accept FASFA from foreign countries, but if they do you should jump on that immediately.
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From: tonezo
2009-03-04 04:35 am (UTC)
Thanks. That feels so reassuring but im still kinda nervous about it all.

I didnt mention that I mainly do photography so my strongest area is photography. I have a few of my photography in the portfolio and a few craft pieces and some graphics I did.

Wats your opinion on that?

& thanks agen for the response.

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[User Picture]From: thesinfulsaintx
2009-03-04 06:18 am (UTC)
So long as your work is of high quality, you're probably fine. :)
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